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John James Audubon signed letter. John James Audubon.
John James Audubon signed letter
nd. Autograph letter signed to William Bakewell, no place, no date [probably late 1838]. 1 p., 4 ¼” x 7 ¾”. A letter with fine association in which the artist and ornithologist mentions two key collaborators in the production of his monumental Birds of America and its accompanying Ornithological Biography...
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P.T. Barnum Signature. P. T. Barnum.
P.T. Barnum Signature
10 Jan. 1888. Autograph quotation signed, no place, 10 January 1888. On a 2 ¼” x 3 ¾” card. After many years of offering other popular entertainments, P. T. Barnum, the flamboyant American showman, launched a circus in 1871. Ten years later, he joined forces with his chief competitor, James...
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George Catlin signed note
Two documents from the mid twentieth century concerning American painter and author George Catlin. Catlin made a career of illustrating and writing about America's native Indian populations. The first document is a brief invitation from Mr. Catlin "to examine his North-American Indian Museum, and witness his picturesque Tableaux Vivants and...
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George Cruikshank signed letter. George Cruikshank.
George Cruikshank signed letter
29 Sept. 1876. Letter signed to Frank Smith, 263 Hampstead road NW, 29 September 1876. 4 pages, 7” x 4 ½”. This British artist is probably best remembered for his illustrations in Charles Dickens’s Sketches by “Boz” and Oliver Twist, but he also produced etchings for hundreds of other books...
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Alex Haley signed letter. Alex Haley.
Alex Haley signed letter
Beverly Hills, CA: np, 28763. A letter hand-written and signed by Alex Haley concerning the filming of Roots II (also known as Roots: The Next Generations).
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Typed, signed letter by James Norman Hall
Tahiti: np, 14374. A letter typed and signed by James Norman Hall. Hall is best known for co-authoring Mutiny on the Bounty (along with Charles Nordhoff) as well as its two sequels. Hall was a decorated World War I pilot who served first in the British Army (posing as a....
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Thomas Mann typed, signed letter. Thomas Mann.
Thomas Mann typed, signed letter
17 Aug. 1944. Lost in Translation: “My Books necessarily lose a great deal with the loss of their native linguistic dress” Typed letter signed to Mrs. Hugh McLean, Pacific Palisades, CA, 17 August 1944. 1 page, 10 ¾” x 7 ¼”, on his personal stationery. This German novelist and essayist...
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Signed picture of John Philip Sousa
1909. Signed postcard photograph, no place, 1909. Called the “March King,” this American composer and bandmaster wrote over one hundred military marches, including “Semper Fidelis” and “Stars and Stripes Forever.” This 5” x 3”, black-and-white, postcard photo shows souse bust-length, looking directly at the camera, with a serious expression. He.....
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Mark Twain / Bayard Taylor signatures. Mark Twain.
Mark Twain / Bayard Taylor signatures
1878 (Taylor). Mark Twain and Bayard Taylor. Two literary figures of the nineteenth century. Two signatures, originally separate but affixed back-to-back. Side one signed "very truly yours, Bayard Taylor, 1878." black ink, 1878, np. Side two signed "Mark Twain." blue ink, nd., np. Signatures of two famous American literary figures...
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Samuel Clemens / Mark Twain signatures. Mark Twain.
Samuel Clemens / Mark Twain signatures
nd. Signature, no date or place. Originally signed, “Truly yours S.L. Clemens” with “Mark Twain” signed diagonally across it.
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