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Clara Barton signed tribute to Julia Ward Howe. Clara Barton.
Clara Barton signed tribute to Julia Ward Howe
Christmas 1910. Barton’s Tribute to Julia Ward Howe. Printed Document signed, with an added autograph note signed, Glen Echo, MD, Christmas 1910. 4 page, 6 ¾” x 5 ¼”. A noted Civil War nurse, Clara Barton found the American Red Cross in 1881 and served as the organization's president for...
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G.T. Beauregard Autographed Letter Signed
New Orleans: December 2, 1881. An exceptional autograph letter signed by one time Confederate General Pierre G.T. Beauregard (1818-1893). The letter is written in bold brown ink on lined paper and measures 8" x 5". It is written to a Major E. Willis of Charleston, South Carolina concerning Civil War...
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John Brown signed letter with picture. John Brown.
John Brown signed letter with picture
28 Jan. 1837. Autograph letter signed to Frederick Haymaker Esq, Newton Falls. 28 January 1837. 1 p. Famous Antislavery Activist and Revolutionary, Hung for Murders and his Bold, Fanatic Attack on the Harpers Ferry United States Armory. Boldly Signed “John Brown” Personal Autograph Letter relating to his growing financial frustrations...
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George Washington Carver signed letter
1 Jul. 1932. Autograph letter signed to Mr. Davis, Tuskegee, AL, 1 July 1932. 2 pp., 11” x 8 ½”, on Tuskegee Institute letterhead. This African American scientist, who headed the agricultural department at Tuskegee Institute from 1896 on, is probably best remembered for his work encouraging the cultivation and...
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W.E.B. Dubois typed letter regarding Walter Hines Page. W. E. B. DuBois.
W.E.B. Dubois typed letter regarding Walter Hines Page
2 Jan. 1925. A remarkable and significant letter from DuBois, one of the leading African-American intellectuals of his day. A pioneering scholar and author on black life and history, he was also an activist who challenged the accommodationist views of Booker T. Washington, helped found the NAACP, and edited that...
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Carry A. Nation signed issue of The Hatchet. Carry A. Nation.
Carry A. Nation signed issue of The Hatchet
1 Mar. 1906. Signed edition of Carry A. Nation’s magazine, The Hatchet. The front cover of the magazine has been signed by Nation across the top, “Carry A Nation.” The magazine dates from March 1, 1906. Carry Amelia Moore was born in Garrard County, Kentucky, on November 25, 1846. Her...
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Private letter from William T. Sherman. William T. Sherman.
Private letter from William T. Sherman
7 Apr. 1888. A personal letter with exceptional content from the Union general, who is best remembered for his “March to the Sea” and whose contribution to the North’s victory was second only to Grant’s. Writing after his retirement from the Army toa friend who is visiting Augusta, Georgia, Sherman.....
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Sherman Reviews the March to the Sea for His Troops. William T. Sherman.
Sherman Reviews the March to the Sea for His Troops
8 Jan. 1865. Sherman reviews the march to the sea for his troops. William T. Headquarters Military Division of the Mississippi. In the field, Savannah, Ga. Jan 8. 1865. Special Field Orders No. 6. 2 pp. Small broadsheet, printed on a half ruled sheet. Savanna: [printed on an Army Field...
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Booker T. Washington Signature
24 Sept. 1909.
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