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Biedermeier Chair
Biedermeier Chair
ca. 1830. 28” x 41” x 42” (when upright) Ash wood veneer on pine. A true rarity, this comfortable Biedermeier chair was designed to function as a recliner. The brass latches on either side allow the back to recline into three further positions. " fn/--.
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Price: $13,000.00
German Hessian Biedermeier Chairs
German Hessian Biedermeier Chairs
ca. 1830. 17” x 19” x 33” Set of four chairs. Walnut veneer on pine. The lattice worked backs of these chairs are typical of this period from Hessian Germany. fn/--.
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Price: $16,000.00
Vienna Biedermeier Chairs
Vienna Biedermeier Chairs
ca. 1835. 18” x 17.5” x 36.5” Walnut wood frames with inlay in back rests. Pair of late Beidermeier chairs with subtle inlay distinguishing these fine pieces. " fn/--.
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Price: $6,500.00