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Austrian Biedermeier Secretary Desk
Austrian Biedermeier Secretary Desk
ca. 1830. 41.5” x 21” x 56” Walnut wood veneer on pine. This beautifully crafted secretary is not only a stunning sight but also an exceptional conversation piece. Apart from the obvious black columns and mirror ring grain veneer, the interior of this desk is a testament to the high...
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Price: $24,500.00
Munich Biedermeier Secretary
Munich Biedermeier Secretary
ca. 1820. 42” x 17” x 56” Cherry wood and maple veneer over pine. This fine secretary exhibits one of the most difficult processes used during the Biedermeier period. The process of “reverse printing” was mastered by only a handful of craftsmen at the time; one of whom was Hiltl.....
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Price: $65,000.00
Thuringia / Saxony German Biedermeier Secretary Desk
Thuringia / Saxony German Biedermeier Secretary Desk
ca. 1835. 46” x 20.25” x 68” Cherry wood veneer over pine with mahogany interior. The front of this secretary drops open (an additional 17.5 in. in depth) to reveal 10 drawers (9 small, 1 large), 7 of which are adorned with delicate inlays of maple wood centered on each...
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Price: $29,000.00