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Austrian Baroque Dresser
Austrian Baroque Dresser
ca. 1750. 40.5” x 23” x 32” Oak inlay on plum wood. This fine 18th century Baroque piece shows a master of craftsmanship. The broad curvature makes a bold presentation which is accentuated by the rich nature of the plum wood. Brass pulls adorn the three . " fn/--.
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Price: $14,500.00
Austrian Biedermeier Dresser
Austrian Biedermeier Dresser
ca. 1820. 33” x 18” x 33” Walnut wood veneer on pine with shellac polish. The front of this small early Biedermeier chest of drawers is a fine example of the mirrored ring grain veneer that quality Biedermeier is known for relying on the natural beauty of the wood to...
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Price: $7,200.00
Austrian Louis XVI Dresser
Austrian Louis XVI Dresser
ca. 1780. 48” x 24.5” x 36” Walnut wood frame with cherry inlay. The inlay work of this piece is fairly reserved for typical Louis XVI furniture. The most ornate portion of this piece are the glided bronze handles and key plates for each of the three locking drawers. " fn/--.
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Price: $9,500.00
German Baroque Dresser
German Baroque Dresser
ca. 1750-60. 50” x 25.5” x 31” Burled walnut wood on pine. The inlay lattice pattern runs along the top and sides of this chest of drawers. The curved fronts of the drawers are finished with cut brass handles. The chest rests on four pressed round feet. " fn/--.
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Price: $26,500.00
Swiss pre-Biedermeier Dresser
Swiss pre-Biedermeier Dresser
ca. 1800. 36” x 20” x 30.5” Walnut veneer on pine with solid walnut legs. The dark grain of this piece is clearly mirrored on the face of the two locking drawers. " fn/--.
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Price: $7,500.00