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World Map - 1878. E. Andriveau-Goujon.
World Map - 1878
Paris: (n.p.), 1878. (Mappemonde en Deux Hemispheres) Originally published in Andriveau-Goujon's Atlas de Choix (1861-84), which was an englargement and compilation of his previous Atlas Usuel and Atlas Universel. The world in two hemispheres. Two page elephant-folio, 35" x 22 1/2" within plate, 40" x 27 1/2" at margins. Very...
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World Map (Mercator Projection) - 1744. Eman Bowen.
World Map (Mercator Projection) - 1744
London: John Harris, D. D. and F. R. S. 1744. (A New & Correct Chart of all the Known World. Laid down according to Mercator`s Projection. Exhibiting all the late Discoveries and Improvements: The whole being collected from the most Authentic Journals, Charts &c.) First map out of Navigantium atque.....
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World Map - 1804. Robert De Vaugondy.
World Map - 1804
Paris: Delamarche, 1804. (Mappe-Monde dressee suivant les nouvelles relations et assujettie aux observations astrnomiques. Par le S. Robert de Vaugondy, Geographer. Corrigee et augmentee des descouvertes du Cap. Cook, de ses trois Voyages; de celles de la Perouse, en 1801, de Vancouver, de Mackensie, en 1802, et de toutes celles...
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World Map - Wood Engraving - 1572. Sebastian Munster.
World Map - Wood Engraving - 1572
Basel: Adam Petri, 1572. (Das Erst General / inhaltend die beschreibung und den circkel des gantzen Erdtreichs und moeres (The General World)) An original wood engraved map from the Cosmographia Universalis by Sebastian Munster (1489-1552); 15 3/4 x 12 1/4 inches. Published by the prestigious Basel printing firm of Adam...
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