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Map of North America - 1812
Map of North America - 1812
Glasgow: Arch. Fullarton, ca. 1812. (North America) A fine handcolored copperplate engraving of North America. Includes inset engraving of the Falls of Niagara to bottom left corner. Two horizontal folds visible. Light toning and a very small piece missing to bottom right corner. Else the map is clear, in very...
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North America - 1887. E. Andriveau-Goujon.
North America - 1887
Paris: (n.p.), 1887. (Amerique Du Nord) Originally published in Andriveau-Goujon's Atlas de Choix (1861-84), which was an englargement and compilation of his prvious Atlas Usuel and Atlas Universel. North America, including Greenland, Iceland, and the Greater and Lesser Antilles, and inset of the Aleutian Islands. Two page elephant-folio, 27 1/2"...
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United States and Mexico - 1886. E. Andriveau-Goujon.
United States and Mexico - 1886
Paris: (n.p.), 1886. (Carte Generale des Etats-Unis et Du Mexique comprentant L'Amerique Centrale et Les Antilles) Originally published in Andriveau-Goujon's Atlas de Choix (1861-84), which was an englargement and compilation of his previous Atlas Usuel and Atlas Universel. United States, Mexico and the Greater Antilles, with four insets: Central America...
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Briggs' North America - 1625. Henry Briggs.
Briggs' North America - 1625
London: (n.p.), 1625. (North part of America Conteyning Newfoundland, new England, Virginia, Flordia, new Spaine, and Nova Francia wth ye riche Isles of Hispaniola, Cuba, Jamaica and Port Ricco, on the South, and upon ye West the large and goodly Island of California) In 1622, Henry Briggs drafted A Treatise...
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Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours du Mississipi
Amsterdam: Jean Covens et Corneille Mortier, 1742. The Covens and Mortier reprint of De L'Isle's famous 1718 map of Louisiana and the Mississippi. This map was apparently drawn from the second state of the 1718 De L'Isle map as New Orleans is indicated. This map does show "Mission de los...
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Laborador Coast and Arctic Chart - 1680. Frederick de Wit.
Laborador Coast and Arctic Chart - 1680
Amsterdam: Frederick de Wit, 1680. (Septemtrionaliora Americae à Groenlandia, per Freta Davidis et Hudson, ad Terram Novam ) From Orbis maritimus of te Zeeatlas. A nautical chart of the North Atlantic based on Van Loon's chart of 1666. An excellent early depiction of Greenland, the Laborador Coast, the Northern Canadian...
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North Atlantic Chart - 1675. Frederick de Wit.
North Atlantic Chart - 1675
Amsterdam: Frederick de Wit, 1675. (Terra Nova ac Maris Tractus circa Novam Franciam, Angliam, Belgium, Venezuelam, Novam Andalusiam, Guianam, et Brasiliam) From Orbis Maritimus of te Zeeatlas. A very interesting nautical chart of the North Atlantic, with East to the top of the chart. It shows Newfoundland and Nova Scotia...
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Western Hemisphere - 1545. Sebastian Munster.
Western Hemisphere - 1545
Basle: (n.p.), 1545. (Novae Insulae XXVI. Nova Tabula.) An early example of Munster's map of America, the first map to show all of North and South America in a true continental form. It was this state of the map's inclusion in th 1544 edition of Munster's cosmography that forever caused...
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Sanson North America - 1650
Paris: Chez L'Autuer (Sanson), 1650. (Amerique Septentrionale) Beautiful example of Sanson's landmark map of North America. The map is one of the first maps to use the sinusoidal Sanson-Flamstead projection, named after Sanson and John Flamstead, the first Astronomer Royal at the London Observatory. Sanson's map is the first to...
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