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Western Hemisphere - 1545

Basle: (n.p.), 1545.

(Novae Insulae XXVI. Nova Tabula.) An early example of Munster's map of America, the first map to show all of North and South America in a true continental form. It was this state of the map's inclusion in th 1544 edition of Munster's cosmography that forever caused America to be the name of the New World, perpetuating Waldseemuller's choice of names in a popular and widely disseminated work. This is a second state printing, but the map matches the first state. Includes an early appearance of the Straits of Magellan, along with his ship Victoria in the Pacific. First appearance of Mare Pacificum on a map. Earliest appearance of Japan on a map, predating European contact and based solely on legend as brought back by Marco Polo. The Yucatan is shown as an Island. Lake Temistan empties into the Caribbean. The mis-information provided by Verazanno depicting the Sea of Verazanno in Canada is perpetuated. The map depicts cannibals in South America and names Florida. A nearly flawless example, from the 1544 edition of Munster's Geographia, differing from the first state in the title only. A seminal map for American Collectors. (Burden 12, State 2.). vg/--.

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